Transportation Overview

Public transportation services may be provided by your child’s School District of Residence based on the address on file with our school that matches your most recent Proof of Residency documentation.

Cleveland Municipal School District (CMSD)

Cleveland Municipal School District (CMSD), transportation eligibility is based on the distance from your child’s home residence to the school.

CMSD Service Parameters (High School):

  • 9-12 Grade students must live 1 mile or greater from school to receive CMSD issued RTA passes.
  • 9-12 Grade students with a home residence calculated by CMSD as 30+ minutes from school are ineligible for any transportation services.

How to Apply for RTA Passes:

The Office Manager will complete the application for students that qualify for CMSD issued RTA passes.

For general information from your district of residence regarding transportation, visit the CMSD Transportation Department website.

If your District of Residence is not listed, please send an inquiry to the ACCEL Schools Transportation Department. Please include your school location, student’s name, phone number, and current address.