Innovative Career Academy is a place of hope, a place for second chances, and a place to fulfill destinies that had not previously been imagined. We build strong relationships and provide access to high-quality academic and humanware experiences for our students. Our goal is for students to graduate with options to enter a trade school, earn their two- or four-year college degree, join the military, or start working in their chosen field. Our vision is that each student will successfully complete high school, create a positive future for themselves and their families, and return to their local communities inspired to positively affect change.

We believe:

• Everyone deserves a chance to receive a quality education;

• Everyone deserves a second chance to become all s/he can be;

• Everyone learns at different rates. Students should have educational choices that provide for each student’s individual needs and learning pace;

• Everyone benefits from positive relationships and a supportive learning environment. We care about our students and provide that extra “push” to help them improve their attendance, boost academic achievement, successfully graduate, and pursue a career that will impact their homes and communities.

A high school diploma is just the beginning for Innovative Career Academy students!  Our passion is to connect with our students and inspire them now and in the future. At Innovative Career Academy, students will learn how to be successful for life!

Ms. Tina Smith
Head of School

Tina Smith

Tina Smith, Head of School

Tina Smith has 19 years of experience working in education, the majority of which has been spent supporting the academic and life goals of at-risk youth. She graduated from Kenyon College with a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in History and minoring in Sociology. She earned a Master of Arts in Education from Ursuline College. Smith’s work with first-generation college students at Kenyon College informs her leadership at Innovative Career Academy—helping students realize their college and career aspirations. Smith looks forward to continuing her work with youth from all backgrounds, encouraging students to attain their dreams and live courageously. 

Sherree Dillions, Regional Vice President

Sherree Dillions joined ACCEL Schools in 2018 with over 25 years of experience as a K-12 educator and principal. As Regional Vice President, she oversees leadership development, instructional programming, operations, and strategic planning. Prior to joining ACCEL Schools, Dillions worked for Cleveland Municipal School District where she served as Head Principal for over 10 years and systematically transformed low-performing schools into schools of academic success and achievement. Dillions holds a bachelor’s degree in Special Education, a Master of Education in Adult Learning & Development, and has completed the post graduate Educational Administration Program, all from Cleveland State University. She has also completed the post graduate Urban Superintendents Program at Harvard University. In February 2020, Dillions was named a Future History Maker of the City of Cleveland by Radio One. She was awarded Executive Principal of the Year by ACCEL Schools in 2022.

  • Tranice Williams

    Office Manager

Founded in 2014, ACCEL Schools is a K-12 public charter school management organization (CMO) serving students across the United States in brick-and-mortar, virtual, and hybrid school settings. We focus on improving academic outcomes of students regardless of geographic location or socioeconomic factors. The leadership team at ACCEL Schools has a combined 1000+ years of experience as global school management operators with expertise in curriculum research and design, assessment, student support services, and education consulting. Our entire team fundamentally believes that all children deserve a great education and students should be supported as they pursue a wide variety of post-secondary options. Our robust technology increases engagement, access to resources, efficiencies, and academic results helping our students become productive global citizens.