A high school diploma is just the beginning for our students—we inspire, support, and prepare students so that they learn how to be successful for life!
Career classes include:
-Skin Care
-Makeup Artistry
-Nail Design
-Art Class
-Early Childhood Education

Educational Approach

Mission & Vision

Innovative Career Academy is where students learn how to be successful for life! We combine accredited academics, flexible programming, and positive humanware experiences to support students in realizing their graduation and career goals. Faculty, staff, and students embrace values of dignity and respect as well as a commitment to academic, social, and emotional growth.  Students discover their talents and strengths through various strands of the careers program and educational field trip experiences.  Students’ positive academic, interpersonal, and creative experiences assist in their decisions on college majors and/or career choices for their future.

Innovative Career Academy Core Values

1. All faculty and staff are results-driven professionals who are excited, committed, and invested in students' academic and humanware needs.

2. All students take an active role in their learning to accomplish their graduation goals and begin their career journey.

3. Values of respect and dignity for all are the foundation of our school's culture and climate.

4. Students discover and demonstrate their graduation goals through classroom innovations, the Careers program, and field trip experiences.

5. Families and community stakeholders are important members of our school community and are encouraged to be actively engaged participants in our mission.

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